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  • Air BladeTM - Ionizer in Packaging Operation

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  • X-StreamTMAir Blade TM Ionizer - Bumpers Cleaning

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  • Standard Air BladeTM Air Knife - Camera Lens Cooling

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  • Standard Air Amplifiers - Casting Cleaning

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  • X-StreamTM Hand Vac - Clean & Collect Dust & Dirt From Inside a Control Panel

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  • Silent X-Stream TM Air BladeTM Air Knife - Conveyor cleaning

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  • Reversible Drum Angel - Drum Angle for Filling & Emptying Sump

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  • Frigid-xTM Tool Cooling System - Grinding Application

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  • Ionizing Bar - Used on Plastic Straw Extrusion Machine

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  • Frigid-xTM   Vortex Tubes - Ultrasonic Welding Horn

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  • Air Nozzles and Jets - Molding Machine

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  • Frigid-xTM Mini Spot Cooler - Needle Cooling Sewing Machine

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  • Safety Air Blowoff Guns - Scrap Removal Using Blowgun

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Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products made to improve plant efficiency, improve energy efficiency, improve quality and enhance the environment. Our product line includes air blow-off products that reduce air noise levels and compressed air use, and vortex tubes / tube technology using vortex tubes / tube for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling and other unique applications. It also includes air operated conveying products and static control technology.
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Air Nozzles and Jets
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